The warmth and nutrition that comes from a healthy meal does much more than just fill a hungry stomach. It’s what gives children the energy to grow, learn, excel, and continue to build a brighter future. It helps turn the page to a more hopeful chapter in their story.
Feeding Children Everywhere is a social charity that empowers and mobilizes people to assemble healthy meals for hungry children. What initially began as a means to provide hope and nourishment to hungry families evolved into something even greater, providing social and charitable nourishment to volunteers. The mission brings people from all walks of life together, igniting a desire to make a tangible difference. All it takes is hope and four simple ingredients to change a story.

Register for the Anna Maria Island Love Wedding show while feeding hungry children at the same time with Feeding Children Everywhere! Click the link below to register for this event and a portion of the proceeds will go towards providing meals to hungry children worldwide.



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