Spotlight: Spreading the Love with Sunshine Canning


Looking for a unique twist on wedding favors?  A departure from the usual and expected wedding favors are artisanal jams made locally by Sunshine Canning. Delight your guests with personalized mini jars of jam made from fruit and berries (and a bit of booze). Brides can choose from  Blackberry & Gin, Peach Bourbon, Blueberry Lavender or Meyer Lemon Ginger Jelly.

Lisa Fulk, 
owner  of Sunshine Canning, says, "one of our main missions at Sunshine Canning is to support local farmers and most of our products are made from local, seasonal produce. These are small batch ~ often no more than five or six jars at a time ~ handcrafted from the freshest ingredients with no added preservatives. We use organic produce whenever possible and work closely with Geraldson Community Farm to achieve this."

For brides who want a hand in making their favors, private canning parties are a great way to learn a new skill while adding a personal touch. These are especially fun events to have for bridal showers or simply with a group of girls while you gab about wedding plans. Fulk says,  "We know that canning can be intimidating, but our classes do a good job of demystifying the process, covering safety concerns, equipment, and different preserving techniques so that students get a full understanding of how to safely preserve food at home. The classes are hands-on, and a lot of fun - and ALWAYS include some home canned treats to sample!"

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Find Sunshine Canning products on Anna Maria Island at AMI Fresh Market
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